Acquisition and Sales

We have experience representing buyers and sellers in all aspects of negotiating and documenting acquisitions and sales of real property in Hawaii from the simple drafting of deeds and other conveyance documents to handling more complex residential and commercial transactions and assisting both buyers and sellers in appropriate due diligence matters.


We have experience in assisting both landlords and tenants in connection with the review and preparation of leases from simple residential landlord/tenant rental agreements to commercial leases and ground leases and we have extensive experience representing both landlords and tenants in disputes arising out of a rental agreement or lease.


We have experience in preparing condominium documents and handling required registrations for projects ranging from simple 2-unit single family dwelling units to high-rise condominium projects.  We have assisted owners of large lots that wished to divide and sell a portion or portions of their lots to obtain or maximize gain or to make gifts to family as well as developers wishing to develop and sell projects with multiple town house or apartment units.


A partition action is an action seeking to have the court order a division of real property between or among its owners and is sometimes the only solution available when multiple owners of real property cannot agree on what should be done with the property or whether or not to sell it.  Since an actual division of the land and its improvements is usually either not possible or extremely expensive, it is more likely that the Court will be asked to order the sale of the property and the division of the net proceeds between or among the owners.  This course of action usually results in a sales price that is less than what could be obtained by having the property properly marketed and sold.  We have experience representing parties to a partition action and, more importantly, in representing parties in negotiating a solution where the property can be sold at its fair market value without the need for a partition action or before completion of the partition action.

In all of these matters, we strive to provide practical, timely and cost-effective solutions.

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